About Us

Who are we

Founded in 2020, MAGNIFIA IT Solutions has been growing support through Microsoft Dynamics answers for top organizations. We offer overall types of support through ERP solutions, from new executions, up-degree in existing applications, execution tuning, and infrastructure solutions.

What do we do

MAGNIFIA IT Solutions provides business management solutions using Microsoft Dynamics. We administer an extensive range of solutions consisting of Functional Consulting, System Upgrades, End-to-End Implementations, Project support, Training to end clients, and Customisation demands.

It incorporates the complete set-up of Dynamics® 365 by Microsoft that accompanies the solace of round-the-clock support.

MAGNIFIA IT Solutions has operated with Microsoft end clients worldwide to adjust their cycles proficiently. We offer to start to finish types of assistance of Microsoft Dynamics solutions with a comprehensive scope of embroilment with IT, Retail, developments, Finance, Logistics, and several other ventures.

Our Vision

Make enduring worth and an uppermost aid for our clients with creative innovation solutions that address their business challenges and drive their development.

Our Mission

Magnifia IT Solutions will convey an extraordinary client experience that will give you significant composure. Becoming acquainted with you and acquiring your trust is the establishment of conveying this experience. You can rely on us that your diverse interchanges will consistently be precise, and our accomplished experts will have the particular ability your business requires. We aim to treat our clients proficiently, amicably with responsive assistance that saves time and makes working with us an excellent experience.

Our Core Values


Make it happen

Clients trust us to assemble things that work, and we view that in a serious way. Our group will beat snags, discover solutions and convey excellent outcomes.



Getting things done with honesty isn't discretionary or situational; because respectability is the establishment of good authority, exhibiting this worth is necessary to acquire the trust of our collaborators, administrators, and clients. Living with trustworthiness requires making the wisest decision in any event, when it's troublesome or will not be recognized by others.



Having resilience implies having backbone; that implies we're not going to surrender when difficulties arise, or in any event, when we run into seemingly an impasse. Individual mix-ups and oversights, blackouts, office flooding, crises, and bank blunders are instances of certain difficulties are some instances. We put forth a valiant effort to forestall issues, and we are additionally ready to work through tough spots when they emerge and come out more grounded on the opposite side!



In a quickly developing organization, change is steady. Part of being innovative is accepting change and being available to creative thoughts. In the distressing universe of offering a plethora of services, having some personal time is significant to keep things new and hold the point of view. We appreciate utilizing inventiveness to bring some fun and festivity into our days, as well!